Welcome to Newnan UTH!

We’re so glad to have the opportunity to have you in our little corner of the world here at the student ministries at Newnan First United Methodist.  At UTH we strive to be a family where a student can come as they are, feel comfortable and find a place to call their church home.  We believe in family. Each student’s home family is important, but their church family is important as well.  Being a part of a church is being part of a community that is learning, growing and doing life together.

Belong | Believe | Become.
We are guided by several ideals and principles that we strive to live out and provide for those connected to the student ministries at Newnan First UMC – Belong, Believe and Become.

We want to do our best to serve all teenagers in our church and community by providing a place where all feel welcome and are given an opportunity to be involved in a family community of Jesus followers.
Our message is centered on Jesus Christ. We encourage and support a life-changing relationship with Jesus as Savior. We also want each and every student to know Jesus, but we also want each and every student to know that Jesus believes in them! God is for us!
Our mission is to continue the journey of faith together and grow in our relationship with Christ - learning to be the disciples God has created us to be.  Not only will we experience a fulfilled life, but we'll have the opportunity to share life with others.