We want to help support parents as much as we possibly can.  If you’re a student reading this you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, that’s what I thought.  They’re not on my side.”  Well, let’s consider this… if your parents are better at being parents, then I can guarantee your life will be better. Will you be grounded more often… potentially.  Will you be grounded for the right reasons… potentially.

Parents, we understand how hard it is to be a parent.  For all of you, it’s brand new with different challenges each and every day.  You’ve never had a student who is 13 years old before… you’re learning on the job.  Maybe you’re on your second of third child (or more maybe), but we all know every student is different.  So everything is always new.

We hope this section of the site will give you some ideas and resources to help as you guide your student through life and through their faith.  Please know we are always available to you if you need any assistance or support.  (contact us)

Parenting Websites

Thriving Family (Focus on the Family)

Answers for Teen (Josh McDowell –

Dr. Chap Clark

Crosswalk Parenting Teens

Focus on the Family – Parenting Teens

HomeWord | Azusa Pacific University (Doug Fields)

Family Devotions

How to Have Family Devotions (Article from

Mealtime Devotions (Focus on the Family)

Youth and Family Devotions (Josh McDowell –

Crosswalk Family Devotional ( – multiple options)

Devozine (Upper Room for students)