Regular Program Schedule

UTH Worship & Family Groups
Sunday Nights 6:00-8:00pm | UTH Lounge | Grades 7-12

UTH Worship is our regular “youth group.”  This is our weekly gathering of students and youth counselors.  We begin the evening with food served a la carte (pizza, chips, candy, etc) and finish out with worship music from our student band “Bound” and a message from one of the pastors, counselors or students.  It’s a uthworship service geared and crafted specifically for students.  The illustrations, the environment, the feel, the music… they’re all put in place to remind students that they’re important enough to God to be focused on and planned for.  Don’t get us wrong, the world needs students to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ, so there’s no dumbing things down and we’re not afraid to talk about the hard stuff.  It’s our hope that our students will enjoy their time with God and their friends and leave church ready to be God’s ambassadors in their homes, schools and community.

Family Groups are a way for us to get more involved in each other’s lives.  Most of us do things on teams or with a project group. However, even in those places, you may not ever know what someone is going through in life or anything else about their family, goals or what they think about God. UTH is a family… and family groups are like when all the cousins get together at the reunion.  They’re place for you to be open and free to think. They’re a place to ask questions of your peers and trusted adults.  They’re a group of people who can stand by you in great times and in hard times.  Family groups are where doing life comes together.

Sunday School
Sunday Mornings 9:45-10:40am | UTH Lounge | Grades 6-12
Sunday School is a great opportunity to start your week with your church family learning about how to live a life that follows Jesus.  We have a class for Middle School students and a class for High School students.  Veteran teachers, Sam Madaris and Allen Bell (A-Bell), lead our classes with phenomenal lessons and conversations.

High School Breakfast
Chick Fil-A, Piedmont Newnan| Grades 9-12
Who doesn’t like to eat breakfast.  We meet before school at 7:15 am to hang out and eat together.  People come and go as needed and we just make a point to have a meal together as family during the week.  All high school students are welcome and we’d love to have you and your friends come and hang out with us!  THIS IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS… STAY TUNED FOR A RETURN DATE

Bible Study | United Through Him Podcast Recording
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm | UTH Lounge | Grades 7-12
Bible Study takes all kinds of forms.  There are times when we do a topical study, sometimes we use video series and sometimes we go verse by verse.  We try our best to open a book written over all of history to learn how to read it and use it in our lives today.  We also record our Bible Study and podcast it as the United  Through Him Podcast.  You can find it on Spotify or Google Podcasts.  Join as we dig in to what the Bible has to say to us.